organize a food drive


Help stock the Center's food pantry by organizing your own food drive. Anyone can organize a food drive – your family, your teens and school-aged children, your scout troop, your school, team or community organization.  It's easy and fun! 

How You Can Run A Food Drive: 

  • Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Contact your neighbors and tell them that you are collecting food for the Community Center of Northern Westchester. If they wish to participate, give them a flyer containing the foods we need the most, and specific information about when you will pick up their donations. 
  • Collect food in front of a local supermarket. You simply greet people as they are entering the supermarket, offer them the foods we need the most list, and ask them to shop for some of the foods on the list and donate them as they leave the supermarket.
  • Ask your club, organization or team to take part, or to even organize its own drive.  Decorate a box, spread the word among your friends.  

Once you’ve collected your food, call us at 914-232-6572, ext. 105, and speak to our Operations Manager to arrange a convenient time to bring the food to the Center.

Have your own ideas?  Share them with us.  Or contact us if you’d like to talk more about an idea you have in mind.  Check out some of the food drives folks have organized, on our Facebook page.  We’d love to see you or your group on our Facebook page someday, too!