invest in our future!

Revitalizing our facility will improve access for all, whether giving or receiving, and will provide the necessary space to offer our wraparound services with privacy and greater dignity.

our challenges:

  • Inadequate space to receive and sort donations, narrow food pantry aisles, no waiting area, and minimal room for services and educational resources
  • Limited handicap accessibility
  • Lack of dedicated food storage area
  • No space to manage seasonal drives
  • Limited parking, challenging driveway, and circulation    

our solution:

  • Renovations of our current facility and construction of a 3,500 sq ft addition with energy efficiencies as a priority
  • Elevator added for universal access
  • Covered food delivery and storage area
  • Site development to increase parking and improve traffic flow
  • Land improvements for stormwater management and beautification

we need your help! Every donation brings us one step closer to achieving our goal, and we are profoundly grateful for your support.