"The Community Center is not only a place to receive help, but also to be of service to others. What the Center provides is the opportunity to impact a life forever, as it has mine"

- current volunteer & former client

For the past 27 years, we have provided our services out of our 3,500 square-foot building, which was lovingly restored by our generous community in 1997, but we have outgrown our home.


While CCNW cherishes its existing building and the broad-based, grass-roots community support that it represents, and despite long priding ourselves in managing to do so much with so little room, the building poses significant limitations on CCNW’s ability to serve the community and is woefully undersized for the services it currently provides to existing clients. 

Therefore, it is with much excitement that we share with you our plans to expand our facility to benefit our clients, volunteers, employees, donors, and the community.

Plans include:

  • Renovation of our current facility
  • Construction of an addition with energy efficiencies as a priority
  • Installation of an elevator for universal access
  • A covered food receiving, storage, and staging area
  • Significant site improvements to improve traffic flow and create increased on-site parking

Our building expansion project will benefit our community by providing:

  • Expanded operational spaces including an enlarged food pantry and clothing boutique, a donation room increased in size to be able to handle and sort the abundant donations received, and a new flexible-use meeting room/classroom to accommodate our client education programs and resources
  • Handicap accessibility which the existing building struggles to provide
  • Privacy for clients to consult with staff about personal, difficult matters, instead of having to converse about them in an open office where other conferences can occur simultaneously
  • An enclosed receiving and storage area so that pallets of shelf-stable food, produce, frozen, and refrigerated items do not have to sit in the hot sun, rain, cold, or other extreme weather until volunteers can unpack and properly store them
  • An enclosed receiving area which will also enable CCNW to do away with the sheds that populate the current rear parking area.
  • A proper waiting area for clients who need to consult with staff, instead of asking them to stand in a crowded hallway
  • Beautification of the property with landscaping and planting of native species
  • Green initiatives for sustainability and improved stormwater management
  • Improved circulation for pedestrians, personal vehicles, and delivery vehicles
  • Additional parking on-site to improve how CCNW accommodates clients, employees, volunteers, and donors

Stay tuned for more news and updates on our exciting plans for our future expansion!