community circle


The Community Circle is a special group of donors who generously make multi-year pledges with the goal to ensure the continuation of the Center’s crucial Food Program regardless of changes in the economic or political climate that may affect annual giving and may influence the number of families in need.

To provide our critical resources to the increasing number of families and individuals in our community who are suffering economic hardship, the Community Center’s operating budget for this year has reached over $1.5 million. We raise this money primarily through individual gifts and our Annual Benefit, as well as from grants and Community Partner donations, corporate contributions and other smaller sources.

Our food pantry is the heart of our mission. As food insecurity has grown exponentially during the Coronavirus crisis, we are now serving over 3,000 families who are struggling to make ends meet and count on our supplemental food during their times of distress.  Given the unsettled times, we want to be certain we will never have to turn away any neighbor in need due to a shortage in our food supply.  

While a third of the food needed to meet the demand is generously donated, the remaining two-thirds we purchase from Feeding Westchester and other wholesalers. Even though we are buying at discounted prices, we are still faced with spending $300,000 directly on food this year to meet the growing needs of our community, not including the operating costs required to provide this essential service.

We are hopeful that the generosity of the Circle donors will also inspire other donors to contribute generously and provide the Center the flexibility to explore ways to grow our services without threat to our core food pantry program.

For questions about the Community Circle, contact Tracy Kaufman, Development Manager, at 914.232.6572, ext. 106 or email her.