Basic essentials

For over 30 years CCNW has helped our neighbors in need to put food on the table, clothe their children, find employment and gain access to other resources. We take great pride in our effort to meet the changing needs of those who are facing sudden misfortunes as well as those who have long-term challenges, always aiming to maximize their security and quality of life and provide hope and comfort when they need it most.

food market

Our “Food Market” helps fill the gap for over 3,000 families annually; offering meat, eggs, and fresh produce in a choice-style food pantry.

clothing boutique

CCNW helps relieve the burden of clothing purchases by offering gently used clothing, free of charge, donated by the generous community.  

caring for children

CCNW offers school supplies, new pajamas, summer camp scholarships, prom wear, and other seasonal support for our children.

supporting seniors

 Our choice pantry
and clothing programs help reduce stress
for local seniors by supporting their basic needs while offering a friendly face.